In Grudge We Hold

by Grudgeholder

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released August 17, 2015

Recorded in July and August of 2015 at Goldentone Studios by Rob McGregor

Vocals on Real Shit by Mikey | Skits by Greg Norris | Beat by Mikey

Thanks to Gun.



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Grudgeholder Daytona Beach, Florida

Heavy hardcore from Daytona Beach, Florida.

Rick Dan / vocals
Hank Dick / guitar
Bill Squid / drums
Buck Chuck / bass
GUN / gun

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Track Name: Deadbeat
Everything you ever had you never earned Sick of hearing stories about what you learned Take my life and live it for just one day Then come and tell me what it’s like to feel my pain You win some, I lose most I’m not even here, I’m just a ghost Cast aside ‘til the day I die Crushed every day when I open my eyes I won’t let you steal Because the pain is real Do you hear me now You should fear me now
Track Name: No New Friends
All of my thoughts and every single dream Are so far away from my reality Now I’m just a shell of a man How can I ever be whole again My flesh is beginning to rot away Awake at night but dead during the day I’m the biggest fuck up I live it everyday I’m barely alive what more can I say Bite your tongue and Watch your words You’ll get what you deserve No time to tie loose ends No time to find new friends Don’t want what you have I’ve lived a life you can’t Just trying to get my ends I’ve lost all hope again If fucking up was a test I’d have it aced And when you see me in the streets believe I need my space I stay so true old school I don’t play Been here for so long and I’m here to say We don’t know who are it’s not hard to write you off You don’t belong here ‘cause you’re just lost I get up fed up and so full of hate I’m barely alive what more can I say No time to tie loose ends No time to find new friends
Track Name: Waste(d)
Nothing about this is fake My hate for you is (so fucking real) I tried to keep my pride and stride Unbroken While my time was stolen from me Not free You’ll see I’ll be Broken for the rest of my days Here on earth living as a prisoner Not free Trapped inside my mind No way out You’ll see Because of what society wants me to be I’ll be Broken for the rest of my days I’m fucking broken
Track Name: I Got My Own Back
Whether it’s a cloud of smoke A shroud or a cloak I hide myself from this world Tenfold Never have I been Sharp as a tack With my back against the wall I’m pushed to attack Cannot change my fucking past Nowhere to turn face the facts I’ve been weighed down But I got my own back I’m living that dead end life Now what you know about it This world’s breaking my back But I just can’t allow it I live for nothing But I never asked to be born I’ll die for something And you can put that on my fucking stone The past is past but I’m built to last Look me in my eyes and face the facts Through every single brick I have smashed I’ve got my own back Now fucking get back
Track Name: Downward Departure
I have no memory of the crimes that I’ve witnessed I’ll be born dead until my curse gets lifted Gave nothing to me but everything was taken Picking up my pieces while I’m still Breaking Here I am I’m just one man When and why did this pain all begin I can’t be the one to fucking change it If I’m the one who fucking caves in All the shit inside my head Every bit of trust mislead So far apart, still trying to take What I can’t give just let me live
Track Name: Real Shit
You’re too fucking terrified to put it all On the line I can see you’re fucking weak So stay the fuck away from me Give us nothing Then take everything we have Where’s the respect For what this really means You’re the reason That nothing ever lasts So watch your fucking ass Because the real shit’s coming back
Track Name: F.E.A.R.
Nobody sees the tears that I cry These aren’t the tears that fall from your eyes Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide All of my pain yeah comes from inside I hold my head up high so that no one can see I’m a man and I want no man to pity me The story’s still fresh and one day I’ll be free Plenty of time to be who I want to be They tried to help me but it Did not work All they did was fucking Make me worse I gotta try To live my life Now’s the time face Everything and rise I’m tired of the pain I want to make my family proud But the devil on my shoulder’s just way too loud Don’t get me wrong I take blame for what I’ve done I was always having the wrong kind of fun Now picture a world of concrete and fence Or being at the game but you’re stuck on the bench Picture a world that knows nothing but crime Locked in a cell with nothing but time Face everything and fucking Rise
Track Name: Hell In A Cell
Broken hearts and shattered dreams That’s the motherfucking life I lead See I crawled through shit and came out clean There’s something you can learn from me With the sound of the last three years Still ringing in my ears You can meet me at the bitter end It’s where I’ll face my fears Fuck going back I’m never going back You best believe that You don’t know jack shit about me What I’ve been through and what I’ve seen In order to survive you must maintain But they can never motherfucking ever feel my pain With the sound of the last three years Still ringing in my ears You can meet me at the bitter end It’s where I’ll face my fears Hell exists within yourself And that’s a place you never want to be Hell is real inside of a cell And it’s got a fucking grip on me It’s real Too real